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What is Body Improvement?
Body Improvement emphasizes on awareness, posture, flexibility, strength, isolation, coordination, balance and flow of the body. The class combines basic techniques of Pilates, Yoga, Modern Dance, Ballet and Jazz. The knowledge of body anatomy will be introduced in order to optimize benefit of the exercise.

Body Improvement is suitable for everyone. Student who practices Body Improvement on a regular basis will develop core muscles and awareness of own body that will be a good foundation for dance and any type of sport activity.

What to wear to class?
Shoes - bare feet
Outfit - A fitted top or leotard, comfortable pants
rumPUREE - world dance studio is located on 5th Floor Amarin Plaza. Mobile: 081-430-6684, 081-439-0200

rumPUREE - world dance studio offers classes in African Dance, Afro-Caribbean, Argentine Tango, Ballet, Bellydance, Body Improvement, Bollywood, Carnival Samba, Contemporary Dance, Drum Circle, Flamenco, Hip Hop, Jazzercise, Modern Jazz, Music Video Dance, Pole Dance, New York Salsa, Samba de Gafieira, Striptease, Swing Dance, Thai Dance, Zouk, Zumba for children, teens and adults.

We also provide teaching and performing services for different events such as corporate events, wedding, birt hday parties, product launch, etc. rumPUREE - world dance studio is located in Bangkok, Thailand.

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