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What is Street Jazz?
Street Jazz dance is frequently influenced by other dance styles such as Ballet, Traditional Jazz, Contemporary Dance, and Hip Hop. Inspired by international choreographers such as Danyelle Jones, Mia Michaels and Sonya Tayeh (from the cult TV show “So You Think You Can Dance”), Street Jazz has become a new vocabulary and popular among people at new generation.

Street Jazz focuses on fluidity and variation of styles. The sudden change and dramatic contrast of movements while maintaining strong and flexibility of body posture could also describe the visual presentation of this dance.

What to wear to class?
Shoes - jazz shoes, sneakers or barefeet
Outfit - comfortable clothes
rumPUREE - world dance studio is located on 5th Floor Amarin Plaza. Mobile: 081-430-6684, 081-439-0200

rumPUREE - world dance studio offers classes in African Dance, Afro-Caribbean, Argentine Tango, Ballet, Bellydance, Body Improvement, Bollywood, Carnival Samba, Contemporary Dance, Drum Circle, Flamenco, Hip Hop, Jazzercise, Modern Jazz, Music Video Dance, Pole Dance, New York Salsa, Samba de Gafieira, Striptease, Swing Dance, Thai Dance, Zouk, Zumba for children, teens and adults.

We also provide teaching and performing services for different events such as corporate events, wedding, birt hday parties, product launch, etc. rumPUREE - world dance studio is located in Bangkok, Thailand.

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